Eliminate the hassle of digging multiple feet every time you need your system pumped.  We fit the installment to your liking rather you want it above ground so it is easily located or just under the surface of the ground to get the lawn mower over.


General and Miscellaneous

Over time the original concrete baffles that stop the solids from going to your drain field will decay. If this is left alone it can clog up the drainage and over saturate your system, this can cost you thousands. We install inexpensive replacement baffles that clamp on to the exit pipe that keeps your system safe.


Porta Jon Rentals

  • We offer Porta-Jon rentals that compete with the going rate of our competitors. Graduations, Parties, Hunting Cabins, sports facilities, job sites and for everything else a Porta-Jon is a great way to let people do their business inexpensively. Our rentals come with a weekly cleaning and pump out which keeps them clean and usable. Handi-cap accessible, 6 shooter urinals, and portable sinks also available.


Sewer Snakes

Roots are a common problem with sewer and septic lines. Over time pipes in the ground begin to crack and leak water out of the system. This water is sensed by surrounding vegetation that send their roots in for nutrients. This causes obstructions in the line, which can lead to a horrific back up. In this case we send our snake down the line that cuts up these roots and frees up the flow of water once again. This is a temporary solution to the problem as the snake only eliminates the roots on the inside of the pipes. These roots will eventually grow back, but can be maintained by an annual preventative maintenance program we offer.


Friendly Reminder

Anything that does not dissolve when wet does not belong down the toilet. These materials latch on to roots that line the walls of the pipes and can cause a back up. Even wipes labeled “flushable” do not live up to their label and are better off in the trash after use.


Camera and Location Tools

If there is ever a problem in the line that we need to see we can send down our camera tool that will give us a view of the obstruction in question. Once we get to that spot, we also have the capability to locate where that is in the yard. This also can be used to find septic tanks.


High Pressure Water Jetting

Can be used when water is the better way to clean. With things like dirt and grease that sit heavy in the line, high pressure water blasts these obstructions out of the way.  We offer a gas powered jetter that packs a little more power that we prefer to use when we can for a quicker clean.  For the inside jobs we have an electric jetter so exhaust isn’t an issue.


General Repairs

We also do small jobs like auger toilets, fix plumbing issues, sump pumps, and almost everything to do with drainage. Just give us a call and ask we do it. Our rates are a lot more affordable than most companies.


Postcard Reminders

We suggest that a household with 3-4 people have their system pumped out every 3 to 4 years. Once you become a Great Lakes customer, we send you postcard reminders to keep up on the maintenance of your septic as this can be critical to its functionality. These postcards also double as coupons with $10 off as we appreciate your repeat business.

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Tent, Table and Chair Rentals

We also offer tent table and chair rentals for your next wedding recpetion, graduation party or other events.